Other resources

Understanding cyberbullying and its forms

The lesson is designed as a first introduction to forms of cyberbullying and the different roles of individuals involved in cyberbullying. Its aim is to allow students to discuss their own perception and experience and raise awareness about the phenomenon of...

Video demonstrates how cyberbullying may occur 

This video demonstrates how cyberbullying may occur within a school context and as an extension of bullying at school. It therefore exemplifies a particular case of cyberbullying. Given the prevalence of this type of cyberbullying in schools the video could be used as...

An academic talk on cyberbullying 

This is an academic talk on cyberbullying that lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes and is aimed at an adult audience. The presenter covers various topics: what cyberbullying is, cyberbullying vs. bullying, the impact of cyberbullying on victims, what can be done to address...

What cyberbullying is and different types of cyberbullying

This website presents a chapter of a book on what cyberbullying is and different types of cyberbullying. It is aimed at adults. It includes specific examples of cyberbullying that can help to better understand how cyberbullying may occur. The text also includes some...

Cyber harassment in children

4-minute video explains the ten forms of cyber harassment. While the video focuses on cyber harassment in children, the content is presented for an adult audience. The ten forms of cyber harassment mentioned are: exclusion, harassment, outing, cyberstalking, fraping,...