Protocols and roadmaps within each associated school to fight bullying and cyberbullying within their institutions

The Cyberbullying Prevention and Management Protocol has been developed through extensive research and collaboration among three partner countries’ association – BIRA in Spain, ACP in Greece, and ASSO in Italy.

This protocol represents a fusion of the best empirically proven resources and practices in the field. Its purpose is to provide schools with a comprehensive framework for addressing and combating the pressing issue of cyberbullying. These steps and tools aim to raise awareness, detect incidents, assess cases, develop appropriate action plans, and continuously evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of interventions in addressing cyberbullying within educational institutions.

This innovative model was developed with the intention of actively involving the schools participating in the project. Recognizing the unique contexts of each educational institution, the model was designed to be adaptable and considerate of the specific needs and circumstances of individual schools. It was thoroughly designed to be considered by every participating school, ensuring that the model’s principles and strategies could be applied effectively within their respective educational settings. The primary objective behind developing this model was to ensure its adaptability to the unique contexts of individual schools, maximizing its relevance and applicability. We recognized that each educational institution possesses specific characteristics, faces distinct challenges, and possesses varying resources. Therefore, our intention was to create a model that could be effectively implemented within the framework of existing protocols, policies, and resources of each school.